Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Camping I Will Go!

Today, I am leaving for Ranch hand camp for a week. I don't know a single person, but I'm confident that God will help me make friends. The only other time I've been to camp is when my mom was a counselor. It is a big step, no, leap, in my maturity. I will write a blog post after camp to let y'all know how it went. Hopefully, I'll survive. :) Please pray that everything goes well.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hiding chapter 7: A Thief, a Shock, a Rescue

Sometimes, things happen that are scary and dangerous. During those times one has literally nothing that can save them except God’s mercy. Let me tell you, a situation like that can be very humbling. I recently experienced such a situation, and diary, I am going to tell you all about it.
            I couldn’t believe that the school year had already ended. It seemed like just yesterday I was on the bus sitting next to Rose, on our way to our first day of school. So many things have happened this school year. Like when I went to a sleepover and learned that I can always trust my sister, or when I figured out the true meaning of a birthday party, or when Wendy became a Christian, and the miracle of my baby sister, who will be born in November. Yes, God had blessed my family, my friends, and I with many lessons that we will hopefully never forget.
            I woke up that first summer morning completely rested. It felt really nice to be able to sleep in. I walked downstairs to the kitchen to find Brooke already eating breakfast. “Well, you seem excited.” I told her. “Yeah, and in a few minutes you’ll see why.” Replied Brooke with a smile. While I was pouring milk in my cereal, mom came down the stairs with a smile on her face. “Good morning girls.” She said. “Roxanne, at the beginning of the summer, we give Brooke one hundred dollars to spend. This summer your father and I have decided to continue and give each of you fifty dollars.” I gasped. “Really? Fifty dollars?” Mom answered by handing each of us one twenty, two tens, one five, and five ones. “Wow! Thanks mom” I said with delight. I gave her a big hug and so did Brooke. With fifty dollar, I felt like I was on top of the world.
            After breakfast, we asked dad if we could have our friends over. “Sure, he said, but stay out of the woods. All the rain we’ve been having might make the creek have a fast current.” We called Wendy, Katie, and Noel (who will be leaving next month) and invited them over. Once we were all outside in our backyard, we got the sprinkler out and were soon having lots of fun. That afternoon, we went to the ice cream parlor and got some sweet treats. “Where did you get enough money to treat all of us?” asked Noel curiously. “Our parents gave each of us fifty dollars.” Said Brooke. “Really? Wow, that’s so cool!” said Katie. We heard a snicker behind us and turned to look, Sitting at the table behind us was Hillary, Lindsey, and Rose. “They’re probably gossiping about someone.” Said Wendy, clearly annoyed. As I looked at them, I saw Rose look in our direction with an interested look on her face. I quickly turned around. We soon forgot about them and enjoyed the first day of summer.
            That night, as I lay in bed, I heard a noise. It came from downstairs and it sounded as if someone was sneaking around. I wanted to go check it out, but I was so tired that I just fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, I went downstairs to eat. “Hey!” said Brooke. “The money is gone!” “What! Are you sure?” I asked jumping up and looking in the jar where the money used to be. I told Brooke about the noise last night, and she told mom, who called the police. The police said that it was very strange that only the money was missing and not anything that was super valuable. One of them called a call, and told his partner that he had to go. “Apparently, some girl named Rose is missing.” He said before leaving. I looked out the window to see him leave and I thought I saw Rose head into the woods.
            I went outside and ran into the woods. After walking around a bit, I noticed that the creek did indeed have a swift current. I then saw Rose walk away. I followed her until I was at the edge of a clearing. I peeking out from behind the tree and spotting Rose almost at the end of the clearing. I was about to call out to her when two men jumped out and grabbed Rose. I gasped and ran over to where I last saw her. I spotted Rose struggling to get away from the two men. What one of them said nearly made me faint. “So, Vivian, thought the witness protection program would keep your family safe from us, well, guess you thought wrong.”
            I was stunned. Rose was in the witness protection program? Her whole family was? I was shocked. “Well,” I thought. “If that’s the case, then I guess I had better help her. I followed the men until they came to a helicopter. As I walked, I stepped on a twig. The men whirled around and saw me, so I ran. The men quickly caught up to me, however, and took me to the helicopter. They tied us up and went to the front. I quickly wiggled out of the ropes and started to untie Rose. “How did you do that? She whispered. “When they tied me up, I stuck out my stomach so I could wiggle out. I saw it in a movie once.” I whispered back. Rose and I quietly climbed out of the helicopter just as it took off and hid in some bushes. “They’re bound to notice that we’re missing eventually.” Said Rose. Just as she said that the helicopter turned around and started to land. “You run back to my house and tell them what happened. I’ll distract them.” I said “But…” she started to say. “Just go!” I interrupted. We went in opposite directions and I saw the men started to chase after me. I ran faster and faster until I came to the creek. I was trapped.
            I turned around and saw the men catching up. As I looked around, I spotted a log going across the creek. I went to it and started to cross. I went slowly. Step by step. I felt it wobble and I turned around The men were trying to climb on the log. I started to go faster. I slipped, and with a scream, I fell into the fast-moving water.
            I was shocked at how fast I moved. In only five seconds, the men were out of sight. I knew that, even though I was a fairly good swimmer, I would never be able to survive this. I went under and came up, gasping for breath.  I prayed to God as I had never done before. I begged him to save me. As I went under again, I held my breath. I looked up and saw a figure standing there. The last thing I saw before slipping into unconsciousness was the figure reaching towed me. The last thing I felt was warmth.
            “Roxanne? Can you hear me?” I heard a voice. I felt so weak. “Roxanne?” there was that voice again. I finally recognized it as Brooke’s “Eliza!” The urgency in her voice combined with the fact that she used my real name caused me to open my eyes. I was in a hospital, surrounded by mom, dad, Brooke, Rose (or Vivian, I suppose), and a boy I did not recognize. Hi sweetie, I’m glad you’re awake. You’ve been out for nearly a day. I widened my eyes and tried to sit up. I winced from pain and fell back. Careful honey, you’ve got some bruises on your head and your lungs are still a little weak. “What happened?” I asked in a whisper. “You nearly drowned.” Said the boy. “I pulled you out just after you hit your head on a rock.” “You saved my life, Roxanne.” Said Rose, with tears in her eyes. “Thank you.” “Who are you?” I asked, motioning to the boy.” He looked around fifteen and I had no idea who he was. “Roxanne,” said Brooke. “This is my brother, Miles.”
            It turned out that Miles eventually escaped and stowed away on the helicopter, having no idea who was on it or where it was going. Rose and her family were in the WPP because Rose’s grandfather was in the mafia and had hidden lots of money somewhere. Rose had taken mine and Brooke’s money to try to get away. Now that the bad guys were arrested, Rose’s family was free. They are going to move in with her aunt in Maryland. Rose told Brooke and I that she was really sorry for all she had done. She was very grateful that I had saved her despite everything. I told her that God said to love my enemies; she said she might have to check out that church stuff in Maryland. With Miles back, I think this summer is only going to get better. For now, everyone is safe, and we have God to thank for it.