Monday, January 27, 2014

Disney World

On Christmas morning, we came down stairs and we saw a huge box wrapped in pretty snowflake paper. We were instructed to open it at the time by my mom, as she started her camera on new brand new iPad air. As soon as I looked inside, I new exactly what the various gifts meant. There were balloons, a book, a calendar, bubbles, shirts, balls, and more, but they all had one thing in common: Disney World! That’s right, we are going to the happiest place on Earth. I asked my mom and dad when we were going, and they said that one of the gifts would reveal. After looking a little, I looked at the pocket calendar, and the dates circled were in February. We are leaving to go on the 12-hour car trip to Florida on February 4, and we will stay until February 12, when we will then drive home. Since we have already been to Disney World five times, there is only two rides that I have not been on: Tower of Terror and Rock and Rollercoaster. My sister is really excited because if she goes on Rock and Rollercoaster, it will be her very first roller coaster with inversions. Neither my sister nor me have ever been on a drop ride before, so Tower of Terror will be our first. Last time we went, my sister wanted to go on Primeval Whirl, but she wasn’t tall enough. She also didn’t go on Expedition Everest. Now, she will go on both. My younger brother was a few months old last time, so for him, it will be like his very first trip. We have been watching tons of Disney movies to prepare the boys for the trip. We will stay in a hotel called the Shades of Green. It is reserved for families in the military. The only downside is that one of our favorite attractions, Splash Mountain, will be closed. It will be very nice to be walking six miles a day without having to do it in the sweltering heat, and the lines will be short. I have a feeling that this will be the best trip yet.

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  1. Wow. Sounds like SO much fun! I've never been to Disney...a place I've always wanted to go. Have fun! :)