Thursday, February 13, 2014


After ten days vacationing in Florida, we have arrived home. Disney World was amazing! I went on Tower of Terror, Rock and Roller Coaster, Star Tours, astro orbiter, and Captain EO for the very first time. my sister went on expedition everest, prime evil whirl, astro orbiter, space mountain, Tower of Terror, Star Tours, and Captain EO for the first time, my brother went on expedition everest, big thunder mountain railroad, astro orbiter, space mouton, star tours, mission: space, dinosaur, and Captain EO for the first time, and my other brother, since he was only four months old last time we went to Disney world and doesn't remember any of it, he went on everything for the first time. I auditioned for the American Idol experience, singing part of "Let it Go" from the Frozen movie. I didn't make it into a show, but I had a lot of fun. After a line of three hours, we got to meet Anna and Elsa from the Frozen movie; they signed our books and we got a picture with them. We were going to come home last night, but we had to stop at a hotel in North Carolina for the night because of a winter storm. All in all, it was a wonderful Disney World trip.

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