Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hiding chapter 8: A Story, a Kidnapping, a Dream

I am out of the hospital now. We are all going out to dinner to celebrate Miles’ homecoming and my recovery. Speaking of Miles, while I was still in the hospital, my mom and dad had to go fill out a bunch of forms since I was injured. Miles and Brooke stayed behind to keep me company. Little did I know that Miles would soon tell us a story that would give me a new, deeper outlook on God’s protection.
            Brooke and I were talking about various things like church, summer activities, and what school would be like in the fall. When Miles walked in, Brooke jumped up and gave him a big hug. “I’m so glad you’re home, Miles.” To be honest, I felt a little left out, since I never knew Miles. “Well, how are you feeling?” asked Miles. “Good.” I said. “A little restless though.” Well, I think I can fix that; you want to hear what happened to me when I was kidnapped?” he said. My eyes lit up with excitement, as did Brooke’s. “YEAH!” we both said together. “It all started with a knock on our door…”
            “Mommy, can you take me to the library?” asked eight-year-old Brooke. “There is a book there that I really want to read.” “But honey, your birthday is only a week away. What if you get it for a present?” reasoned mom. “Well, then I can read it over and over again. Besides, my friend Mary is going to be there.” Finally, mom agreed to take Brooke to the library. Mom told Miles that they would be back in about an hour, and then left. It was only twenty minutes later, when Miles was playing his favorite video game, that he heard a knock on the door. He went to his room and looked out the window. Seeing people he didn’t recognize, he decided not to open the door. “They must be selling something.” He thought. When he went back to play his video game, he saw the men outside the back door. Miles stood up and headed for the phone. He never got to dial 911, however, because the men ran in through the unlocked back door and kidnapped Miles.
            Miles woke up in the back of someone’s car. He felt groggy, and assumed that they had knocked him out. Seeing this in spy movies, Miles tried to punch out the taillight, but it just wouldn’t budge. He looked around for his cell phone and, not surprisingly, the men had taken it. Miles stared to pray. He prayed that God would help him find a way out. Suddenly, Miles heard the screeching of brakes and tires. A thud came, and he was banged against the trunk. Because of the force, the trunk flew open, and Miles nearly fell out. Slowly crawling out, Miles went to the front of the car and peered in. Both men were unconscious Miles looked around and saw the car that had hit them. Before he could even try to flag them down, the car took off. Miles was a little disappointed, but at least he was free for now. Miles decided to leave before his captors came to. He took off running towed home, no matter how far.
            After running for quite some time, Miles slowed to a walk. Eventually, he came to a rest stop. He went to the bathroom and asked for directions. Miles was delighted to find out that his neighborhood was only thirty miles away. Miles slept at a bench, and hitched a ride the next morning. Miles was let out on his street. He ran the last few yards, but when he got to his house, he stopped. In his front yard, he saw a for sale sign. Miles got a feeling of dread as he rushed to the door, which was unlocked. He opened it, only to find that the house was completely empty, not just of people, but of furniture as well. Miles recalled how quickly his family moved out of their house that time they were in the witness protection program. With a gasp, he realized that his family had probably moved again. Miles sank to his knees and sobbed. His family could be anywhere in the world.
            Wiping away his tears, Miles stood up and slowly walked out of the house. Miles knew what he had to do “I’ll contact the FBI and tell them my situation. They’ll pick me up and get me to my family. Nothing to worry about.” Miles went back to the car. “Um, could you take me back to where you picked me up, please?” Miles realized too late that it was not the same car. Miles looked at the driver and, just as he recognized him as the guy who was in the passenger seat of the car of the men who kidnapped him, everything went black.
            When Miles came to, it was very different from the first time. For one thing, instead of a trunk, he was in a small room, and that room was moving. Spotting a window, Miles peaked out. To his shock and horror, he was in the air over an ocean. Miles was in a plane! In a plane flying over the ocean!” Just then, a man came in, and he did not look happy. “Well, you’re a hard one to find Miles. We thought we had you until the car accident. By the way, I blame you for my brother’s death. If we hadn’t had to kidnap you, we would not have been driving that day. I’ll be able to avenge him when we land in Turkey.” Miles could hardly believe. They were going to Turkey? Before he could respond, Miles suddenly felt very tired, and he fell asleep.
            “Hey, kid, wake up.” Miles awoke to the sound of a voice. The voice didn’t sound angry, so Miles opened his eyes. He was staring into the face of a man. Miles sat up and looked around. There were several other people in the room: Adults, teens, kids, and even a baby. “What’s going on?”  Miles asked. “Well, we were all kidnapped and brought here. Probably for ransom or something.” Some of the people introduced themselves. One of the girls, who was about his age, looked very pretty. “My name is Ella.” She said quietly. “I was brought here two years ago from Wisconsin.”  The room they were in was dimly lit. There were some books, a row of beds, a table, and a television. “They gave us TV?” I asked. “Not really, they send us messages through that. Tell us what to do and such.” Said Ella. Miles read books for a while, but then got bored. “I’ve read all of them.” Said Ella. “My favorite book isn’t here, though, it’s Treasure Island.” Miles’ smiled a little. “That’s my favorite book too. I didn’t know girls liked that type of thing.” “You treasure and pirates? Well, I’m not really like other girls.” Said Ella with a little laugh. “Yeah, I guess not.” Mile said shyly. It was good to be around other people. If he were all alone in a place like this, Miles knew that he would go crazy. That night, as Miles lay in a bed, which was very uncomfortable, Miles thought about his family. It made him sad to think of them so far away. “Did they think I was dead?” thought Miles. He didn’t even know if he would ever see them again. After all, he was kidnapped, and stuck in a room somewhere in Turkey. He wanted to see his family again, but it didn’t look as if he ever would. I looked as if he would remain without them forever.
            In a dream, Miles was in heaven. He was looking around, and he saw his family. As Miles ran to them, he realized that even if he never saw his family again on Earth, someday, in heaven they would be reunited and spend eternity together. When Miles woke up, he guessed that God had sent him that dream to comfort him. Miles smiled slightly, thanked God for his comfort, and fell asleep.

            Well, I want to finish the story of Miles’ adventure, but I wrote in this diary instead of doing my chores, so mom told me I could have it back next week. I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t finished the story yet, but I will as soon as I can.

I will post part two in one week. 

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