Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bringing the Mission Field to Us

This summer, my family and I are hosting an Eastern European orphan for five weeks. Although she is no longer adoptable, we can show her the love of Christ while she is here. She will arrive at the end of June with only the clothes she will be wearing. We will provide her with clothes, toiletries, and anything she needs, which she will be able to take back with her. We plan to do many fun things with her, like swimming, camping, going to Butch Gardens and much more. Before we decided to host this teenager, there was another girl we were considering, but God led us to the other. Recently, the other girl we were praying about got chosen and will come to, out of the whole United States, Williamsburg, VA! We will be able to get together several times. That was definitely God working. We had a garage sale on May 9-10 to raise money. People from our church donated things for us to sell. We raised over one thousand dollars, which was our goal. Also, a buyer told us that she has a neighbor who from the same place that the orphan we are hosting is from. We will talk to her before she gets here and while she's here. God is so good!

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