Monday, May 5, 2014


On May 2, we went to a campground for my brother's fifth birthday. We had strawberry shortcake instead of birthday cake. My sister and I slept in a tent all by ourselves, though we have bruises on our legs from sleeping on the ground. The next day after a softball game, we all went canoeing on the lake in the campground. We tried fishing but we didn't catch anything. We roasted marshmallows on a fire both evenings. The next morning, our dad woke us up really early to try fishing again. After fishing for a little bit, I caught a croppy, while looks like a sunfish, except larger. I looked up in the tree and spotted a hawk. A few minutes later, I heard a giant splash. At first, I thought the hawk had died and fallen into the water, but I looked and realized it was trying to catch a fish. It suddenly flew out with a trout in its talons. It flew around three times and then flew away. everybody was amazed. I thought two things. One: that bird was a lot better at fishing than we were. And two: I don't think he was planning to do a catch and release. Anyway, we had a great time last weekend. We also made sure all our equipment was ready for when we go camping more this summer. It was really fun.  

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